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The fitness industry in Australia is booming. It has never been easier to achieve your fitness goals. Yoga, CrossFit, Functional Training, Bodybuilding and Combat Sports are all great ways to deal with the stresses of our daily lives. However we have more work, a busier schedule and increasing family and lifestyle commitments. Sometimes we just need to reboot, recover and optimise!

Founders Tori and Hamish Charlton had the realization that there was no dedicated space for people to go for the purposes of recovery from daily stress, pain and fatigue. So, they set out to find the best technology, that has been scientifically proven to improve things like pain management, muscular fatigue, mental stress, sleep and physical performance. 

Tori and Hamish created Cultivate Recovery to bridge the gap and provide a place for people to switch off and recover. The goal is too add balance by offering our clients the best in affordable treatments so you can continue living an optimised life while enjoying your daily training and lifestyle. 

Tori and Hamish practice what they preach. They live a healthy lifestyle consisting of great habits they have created for themselves over a period of time. They have enjoyed great success as gym owners in the past, and now want to make recovery great again, by bringing the best in stress and pain management strategies to Sydney. 

Live, Train, Recover at Cultivate Recovery, Sydney’s ultimate recovery studio